Stack Builder

Easily design, develop and deploy custom web applications to your server for free.

ezStack Builder is a free open source Personal Configuration Manager. Design and manage your web applications in one easy to use tool.

Drag and drop code

Build rich web environments for your self or for others. Design complex self-hosted web apps using an intuitive & fun UI. Adding functionality is as easy as dropping in a new component. It`s your web server. You can be as creative as you want and there are no limits on what you can build.

Build all the things

ezStack Builder includes hundreds of components you can arrange into a unique and beautiful and functional website. No plugins or templates required.

ezStack Builder's features are out of this world

Full software stack management

ezStack Builder provides a high level user interface to complex web infrastructure and code. You and only you possess the admin credentials to your server. You are the boss. Being a full-stack developer has never been easier and the apps that you build are 100% yours. Being able to set the firewall means that you can be certain that your privacy is ensured.

Host Anywhere

You have the freedom to host ezStack Builder and your web applications anywhere. If you do not have your own server you can take advantage of very inexpensive cloud servers from Amazon or other cloud providers.

Self host: You can install ezStack Builder on your own server to take advantage of the incredible software stack management abilities while being completely independent.

Cloud host: If you are not a developer but still want complete independence then you can take advantage of inexpensive cloud servers. ezStack Builder includes cloud specific components to make your life easy.

Easy host: Yes we can host ezStack Builder and your web apps for you. (coming soon) We can spin up your private servers in our infrastructure and when you decide it's time for independence the transition will be seamless.

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