Stack Builder

Easily design, develop and deploy custom web applications to your server for free.

ezStack Builder is a free open source Personal Configuration Manager. A working pre-alpha demo is available on Amazon Web Services. See the Get Started page for information on how to deploy your web application in minutes.

Drag and drop code

Build rich web environments for your self or for others. Spawn cloud servers and design complex self-hosted web apps using an intuitive & fun UI. Adding functionality is as easy as dropping in a new component. It`s your web server. You can be as creative as you want and there are no limits on what you can build.

Animated illustration of components being stacked together to form a web application.

Spawn and manage your web server(s) with a few clicks. ezStack Builder gives you powerful abilities while still providing access to the details.

Animated image of ezStack building this page.
Animated image of ezStack building this page.

ezStack Builder is more capable and costs less than other web site builders

ezStack Builder is self hosted so you have control and authority over your content.

You do not need to sign up to ezStack to use Builder.

You can take advantage of convenient and inexpensive cloud servers. Amazon AWS hosting starts at less than $2.00/month.

The web apps that you build are yours to keep or share.

Full software stack management

ezStack Builder allows you to be creative by stacking components. A component is a modular container of code, images, build/test scripts and other assets. Builder links the components together and deploys onto your server automatically.

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